Shadow theatre for Peace advocacy (in partnership with U N Cameroon)

REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame is redefining the role of Arts and Culture in Cameroon -shifting the paradigms and changing the narratives with innovation and creativity. This is clearly seen in the recent revolutionary shadow theatre performance that has been introduced to Cameroon by the creative and Artistic Director who is also an SDG advocate and founder of REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame. “Bound by the Times” is a shadow performance that SHF is using to advocate for peace by telling experiences of women during armed conflicts and proposing alternatives to violent communications through this highly artistic performance.

Performed in Bamenda affected by the on-going armed conflict in Cameroon, this innovative theatre performance is a blend of Music, Spoken words and stage drama all put together to put an in-depth feeling of the effects of ‘war’. In an introductory word, Njobati Sylvie Vernyuy director and founder of SHF, said “We are not here to judge anyone. We do not even have the nerve to be angry, we have just one nerve left and we are using it to say we want Peace”. In the presence of United Nations Cameroon, the show ran down tears from the over 250 people from different walks of life who could easily connect to the stories told by the girls. It is worth Noting that this was an all-girls performance under the project “Girls in Arts” of SHF that seeks to support and create opportunities for girls in Arts. This show also had an inclusive audience of people differently abled, Internally displaced community, Minority community. This is the first time this form of theatre is introduced and used to foster the Sustainable Development Goals.

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