Who We Are

Sylvie Njobati

CEO & Founder

When we empower communities with the power to create, we shall have sustainable change as ownership is fundamental in community development


Creativity and Originality

REGARTLESS – formerly known as Sysy House of Fame is an association registered legally with the ministry of Arts and Culture under the registration number 0006AT/MINAC/NW/DDAC/MZ. We are driven by the passion to create a more peaceful and prosperous world. We believe that this can be achieved by giving everyone a voice and freedom to create the Future we want together. Therefore, we implore the use of Arts and Culture and Sports to stir social conversations, inspire action for change, drive political reform and improve livelihoods.


An Africa where our individual identities and collective heritage is respected and celebrated globally, where we are taking the center stage in telling our stories, reclaiming our lost heritage and indigenous knowledges and rewriting our own histories.


Preserving, promoting, and protecting Cultural Heritage and different forms of Artistic Expressions

How Do We Achieve This Mission And Vision?

Our Values

Our Values Critical to the success as our mission, vision, goals and procedures are our core values; at the heart of what we stand for as an organisation. They represent our highest priorities and are practised by all who are an active part of Sysy House of Fame.


We pride ourselves in our professionalism and strong ethics in all interactions; for everyone representing the organisation as well as the organisation’s behaviour as a whole. • give value to people's time • give credit where it is due • be honest in every interaction and follow through on all of our commitments • empathy and humility towards colleagues, partners and supporters • be trustworthy; building sincere relationships and showing competence


Accepting responsibility for our actions (and inactions) is the ultimate way to build trust internally and externally and as such, we are accountable to each other, to the mission, to our donors, members, partners, and to the public. • ensure ease of communication of information and its accessibility; opportunities, expectations, goals and outcomes. • be committed to plan, programmes and projects, in line with the mission and values of the organisation.

Service beyond self:

How we approach new relationships and maintain already existing relationships is a major part of how we stay active and effective. * make a meaningful difference for others and leave positive reviews of personality and the organisation. * readily offer contribution to the growth and development of the local and global community * offer opportunity, support and assistance to individuals and communities requesting/in need of our help