Our Core Values


Accepting responsibility for our actions (and inactions) is the ultimate way to build trust internally and externally and as such, we are accountable to each other, to the mission, to our donors, members, partners, and to the public.

  • ensure ease of communication of information and its accessibility; opportunities, expectations, goals and outcomes.
  • be committed to plan, programmes and projects, in line with the mission and values of the organisation.


Service beyond self: 

How we approach new relationships and maintain already existing relationships is a major part of how we stay active and effective.

  • make a meaningful difference for others and leave positive reviews of personality and the organisation.
  • readily offer contribution to the growth and development of the local and global community
  • offer opportunity, support and assistance to individuals and communities requesting/in need of our help

Respect for human rights: 

  • We acknowledge that human rights apply to ALL human beings, regardless of race, gender or origin.
  • refrain from all forms of discrimination
  • speak out against injustices
  • treat all people with dignity and respect
  • promote interpersonal and intercultural exchanges 
  • give heed to other opinions and information
  • respect privacy and confidentiality of partners, colleagues and beneficiaries



We are taking a holistic approach in all our endeavours, such that individuals and communities that benefit from our activities can in turn pass on their acquired knowledge and skills to affect change in their communities.

  • ensure that we are indeed providing solutions to existing issues and not creating issues
  • create meaningful and positive change with beneficiaries
  • Placing beneficiaries at the center of the work we do.


Social Justice and Equity:

  • By providing resources required for an oppressed or marginalised to level up in communities, we give equal grounds on which all can thrive.
  • promote, engage and encourage the participation of minorities and/or marginalised for better comprehension of their struggles and issues, to know how best to assist
  • listen keenly and do not impose ideas on situations you do not experience directly
  • propose solutions based on carefully analysed review of situation
  • create  learning opportunities for minorities to develop skills that allow for better representation


Gender and Diversity:

Our success comes from bringing different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity. 

  • create a day to day work space that welcomes and encourages and values the contributions of all.
  • learn from and respect cultures and experiences of colleagues, communities and partners without bias.
  • treat our partners and colleagues with fairness and work collaboratively with all sectors of society, including children to develop practical and sustainable reforms.
  • be more efficient by leveraging uniqueness and differences in order to achieve our mission.
  • strengthen the diversity of our workforce and collaborators.
  • use creative, innovative, non-violent and relatable means to provide solutions to gender inclusivity issues and culture deprivation.