World Humanitarian Day celeberation with UNOCHA

SHF today commemorated World Humanitarian Day in Bamenda with UNOCHA, celebrating women with focus on women in Humanitarian Action. SHF partnered with UNOCHA to put up a strong event that saw about 300 people from 87 local organisations and cultural groups.

This event also witnessed individuals who turned up to celebrate this day. SHF’ Poets Kita Nadesh and Njoke Raissa thrilled the audience with their sophiscated poetry that celebrated women in Humanitarian action.

The celeberation was hosted by Sysy House of Fame’s founder who is also a Sustainable Development advocate – Njobati Sylvie, who later on led the panel sessions. Women deserve to be celebrated for the extraordinary work they do in the fields and with SHF led by a woman, there was an undying effort and passion put in this event.

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