REGARTLESS records a historic milestone – the restitution of Bangwa heritage

For so long, the Bangwa people have been yearning for the return of their heritage looted in colonial times, now in private and public institutions around. REGARTLESS acquired and returned eight significant royal male cults heritage to the people of Bangwa, entering history as the first-ever restitution in colonial context in Cameroon.

A New Era: Making Amends for Colonial Injustices

From truth and reconciliation commissions to restitution efforts, the drive to make amends for colonial injustices is gaining momentum. This powerful movement acknowledges the pain inflicted by colonialism, offering hope for a future where justice and equality prevail, erasing the shadows of the past.

Restitution: Briefly Assessing the Impact of British Colonization on Cameroon 

This new article titled “Restitution: Assessing the Impact of British Colonization on Cameroon”, explores the present issues faced by Cameroon due to British colonization and neglect during the colonial period. It also highlights how Britain was involved in the unethical looting of African Cultural Heritage and using legal acts to deny restitution claims.

The Return of Things: “Who Speaks Who Acts”

Between May 22 and 27, a multipartner workshop was organised on restitution titled “The Return of Things” in Yaounde. Find here internation debates. Who speaks, who acts? That’s the the question.

The looted Cultural Heritages of Nso

The royal objects of Nso; woven, sculptured and sewn delicately with sacred fabric, pieces and wood. They are symbolic and potent with power and divinity; looted by the German invaders.
Get an insight into the story and history of some of these elements.

Report of the Fon of Nso’s visit to Germany

In Nov 2022, the Fon of Nso and the Royal team made a historic journey to Germany to see the Ngonnso for the first time and facilitate restitution. Please find here report of this visit

Workshop on legal frameworks for restitution in Cameroon

Restitution of Ngonnso

As of now, (October 06, 2022), the critical question of return of “Objects” looted in colonial times is built on the foundation of good faith, and a moral standing. However, we cannot guarantee that institutions and individuals that be share the same moral and ethical values as the rest of the world that sees restitution […]