The all-girls film production releases Season 1 Episode 1


After a long period of training and Hard work, the Girls in Arts project finally realizes their first film which is an advocacy for peace through a series of upcoming Audio-Visual productions. This film is a series which has seen just Episode 1 Produced. The episode based on the experiences of 12 years old Nesrine who has been away from school for three years, throws more light on the challenges faced by girls during an armed conflict. Worth Noting is that this is an all Girls film production with the involvement of girls in Arts undergoing hands-on training with SHF. Ache Cyvoline, Diane, Akweh Rachel, Nyuyki Nesrine are the key girls’ crew in this production. This production has also been supporting with technical training by Wilfred Javla on Camera works and Njobati Sylvie on directing and story development. Here attached is the teaser of the film.

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