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Nearly one million pregnant sub-Saharan African girls may be blocked from returning to school following COVID-19 says World Vision an international organization bringing “Hope, Joy and Justice to all children”. Not only is the Anglophone (#Noso) parts of Cameroon suffering from COVID-19, but it has been plagued by an armed conflict with women and children bearing the highest toll just as in COVID-19.

For more than 5 years now, hundreds of thousands of children have deprived of school. As school resumption gradually happens, young girls are more likely not to return to school than boys. While some are left behind to fend for families, others are being prematurely married to older men to pay debts or get money in return. But we can beat this.

Every donation you make today goes a long way to give young girls and teenage mothers a chance at dreaming and living their full potentials. A dollar given, helps keep young girls away from child marriage, and child labour among other ills while ensuring they stay at home. While for others it will be contineous education, for some will be second chance education. You are the difference needed to make an impact in the lives of children while saving humanity.

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