Using film to visualise and humanise the restitution campaign #BringBackCampaign

The power of film making in creating awareness cannot be over stated. From pushing policy reforms to inspiring people to take action, film is one of the forms of arts efficient in visualizing and humanizing issues of concern. Film’s ability to accommodate and synchronise different perspectives is an attraction point for SHF’s decision to implore film as one of the tools to advocate for the return of Ngonnso under the Colonial Dialogue and Reconciliation programme.

The Twist of Return is a series production that seeks to use film as an investigative means to examine the intricacies involved in and create conversations on looted properties taken away from Cameroon to Germany during the colonial times.

Ngonnso’s effigy is one of the queen mothers now found in Germany as exhibition of colonial conquest meanwhile to Nso people, this is their identity, symbol of unity, history and culture. The film is produced by Njobati Sylvie, founder of Bring Back Ngonnso campaign and founder of REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame whose roots go deep into Nso. Born and having grown up in Nso, her interest in the return stemmed from her urge to connect to her roots, identity and history which was all looking flawed, insufficient and disjointed as presented by an education she had “careful designed to disconnect us from our history so as to manipulate us” Sylvie mentions in a rather surprised manner. Her surprises even grew wilder when she realized that over the years, people are not aware of the absence of Ngonnso – a realization that would birth the Bring Back Ngonnso campaign.

This film production is bringing to live conversations from the perspective of Nso people, their efforts in the return, challenges and preparedness supported by Goethe Institute. This Production is expected to be ready by mid-June and has already attracted the interest of some German organization and individuals interested and supporting the question of the restitution.

“This production process is so important as well as it has contributed in creating awareness and inspiring Nso people and others in going back to their roots” says Ijeoma who though not from Nso is the production manager and has been inspired by the collective action this film has pushed forth.

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