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About REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame

REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame is an organisation that contributes to Sustainable Development by harnessing the potential of Arts, Culture, and Technology. We are a people-centred organisation that believes in using innovative and creative approaches to global issues. We support people to be at the centre of change while building a prosperous and peaceful world. We inspire people to dare to create the change they want. To do this, we use different forms of artistic expression to enhance the 16 Sustainable Development Goals, thus promoting various forms of Artistic expression, training, and Development becomes a key part of our work.

For the past 4 years, we have been able to create footprints in the Arts and Culture industry and also in the development sector. We have registered remarkable success and have created a strong partnership with both local and international organisations. We are looking to improve our programmes development, management and reporting for our Creative Enterprise project.

What is Creative Enterprise

Creative enterprise refers to businesses/organisations that use artistic or creative skills, processes, or outputs to generate economic value. These enterprises can be found in sectors such as fashion, film, design, music, crafts, and media. They often prioritise innovation, creativity, and social impact in their goals and operations.

 Creative enterprise is an important vision of REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame  because it leverages the power of art and culture to address social and economic challenges in ways that traditional development approaches may not. By promoting creative enterprise REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame will be 

– Engaging and empowering communities by tapping into their cultural and creative assets

– Providing opportunities for marginalised groups (such as artists, artisans, and craftsmen) to showcase their skills and generate income

– Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship that can be sustainable and inclusive

– Supporting the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage

– Creating networks and platforms that foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among creative practitioners and stakeholders

Job Profile:

The Programmes Officer for Creative Enterprise Project will be responsible for facilitating and coordinating all programs, projects, and activities of the Creative Enterprise Project. You will work closely with other team members and stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of the project.

Job Summary:

As a Programmes Officer for the Creative Enterprise Project, you will be responsible for coordinating and implementing initiatives and activities to support the growth and development of creative entrepreneurs and enterprises. You will  design and deliver programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities that provide valuable resources, training, and support to individuals and organisations in the creative industries. Your role will involve stakeholder engagement, program management, and monitoring program effectiveness to contribute to the success of the Creative Enterprise Project.

Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Identify, prepare project proposals and presentations,  and contact potential grantees for funding.
  • Represent organisation in industry conferences, meetings and workshops.
  • Manage and monitor grants and prepare funding reports.
  • Provide guidance and maintain frequent communications with program partners.
  • Analyse and troubleshoot program challenges.
  • Develop best practices to improve overall program performance
  • Assist in budget preparation and expense management activities for programs.
  • Identify and contact new program partners for business expansion.
  • Plan and execute program activities in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Conduct program reviews and prepare reports for management.
  • Prepare meeting agenda, organise meetings and distribute minutes.


Project Planning and Execution: Develop and implement comprehensive project plans, including strategies, timelines, budgets, and resource allocation. Ensure the smooth execution of all project activities and deliverables.

 Stakeholder Management: Establish and maintain positive relationships with various stakeholders, including project team members, artists, creative entrepreneurs, community organisations, government agencies, and funding bodies. Collaborate effectively with these stakeholders to achieve project goals.

 Program Development: Contribute to the development of projects, activities and events and enhancement of creative enterprise programs and initiatives. Identify opportunities for growth and improvement, and propose innovative ideas to support the project’s objectives. Design and manage effective programmes, workshops and training for creative entrepreneurs with a focus on business and enterprise

Capacity Building: Design and deliver capacity-building workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs for creative entrepreneurs. Provide guidance and support to enhance their skills in areas such as business development, marketing, financial management, and networking.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitor the progress of the project and evaluate its impact and effectiveness. Develop and implement monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess the outcomes and make data-driven decisions to improve project performance.

Grant Management: Research and apply for grants and funding opportunities to support the project’s sustainability. Prepare grant proposals, manage budgets, and ensure compliance with reporting requirements. 

Event Coordination: Organise and coordinate events, exhibitions, workshops, and showcases to promote the work of creative entrepreneurs. Ensure logistical arrangements, marketing efforts, and participant engagement are effectively managed. Develop marketing materials and campaign strategies to promote project activities, events, and outcomes.

Communications and Outreach: Develop and implement communication strategies to raise awareness about the project and its impact. Create content for newsletters, social media platforms, and website updates. Liaise with media outlets and participate in relevant industry conferences or events.

Research and Analysis: Stay informed about current trends, policies, and best practices in the creative industries. Conduct research and analysis to inform the project’s strategic direction, identify potential collaborations, and generate insights to support decision-making.

Reporting and Documentation: Prepare regular progress reports, project updates, and impact assessments for internal and external stakeholders. Maintain accurate documentation of project activities, including budgets, contracts, and other relevant records.

Team Collaboration: Work collaboratively with the project team, including project managers, coordinators, and support staff, to ensure effective coordination and integration of activities. Foster a positive team environment and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.


Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as business administration, entrepreneurship, programmes/project management, creative industries, or a related discipline. A Master’s degree is advantageous.


Proven 2-5 years experience in program management, project coordination, or entrepreneurship support, preferably in the creative industries or a related field.

Understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by creative entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Passion for fostering the growth and sustainability of the creative industries and supporting creative individuals in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Strong organisational and project management skills, with the ability to handle multiple tasks, prioritise effectively, and meet deadlines.

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to engage with diverse stakeholders and deliver engaging presentations.

Ability to build and maintain relationships with industry experts, organisations, and partners to enhance program offerings and opportunities.

Proficiency in using relevant software and tools for program management, data analysis, and reporting.

Knowledge of business development, marketing, finance, and intellectual property concepts relevant to creative enterprises is desirable.

Familiarity with current trends, technologies, and emerging business models in the creative industries.


Fluency in English and French

How to Apply

Send your CV and cover letter to info@sysyhouseoffame.org . For more inquiries contact us via WhatsApp 681133400

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