REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame at 4 !

Art… Culture… Sport…  These are the major pillars that support the organisation – Sysy House of Fame.
We are providing access to education for vulnerable girls and teenage mothers in conflict affected regions of Cameroon, providing alternative education and psychosocial support to children in these regions, reconnecting people to their history and heritage, empowering women to be more dominant in the domain of visual representation and so much more.

Anniversaries are opportunities to recollect our year gone memories and to cherish them again. To think about the achievements over the years and the impact we have been able to make in the lives of the people we have come in contact with. To appreciate the people who have stood by us, encouraging us every step of the way. That’s why on Wednesday 22nd of February 2023, at the Sysy House of Fame (SHF) head office premises, the SHF team made it a duty to bring together partners, well-wishers and supporters to celebrate her 4 years of existence.

In a welcome address to the crowd, founder of SHF – Sylvie Njobati spoke these words of appreciation:

It’s not easy to achieve in 4 years, so many milestones and for that we are super grateful to everyone out there who has supported us; spiritual support, financial support, moral support, etc…. All I can say to everyone is Thank You!

The event saw the exhibition of the projects and programmes of the organisation, presented by Sylvie Njobati who described proudly the impact of the work to an amazed audience. 

It encumbered artistic presentations (such as music and spoken word performances) by talented and passionate guest artists.

In a unified manner, attendees gathered for the cutting of the cake in a unique fashion. This was symbolic of the fact that there can only be meaningful positive impact in the society if the people are united in their efforts. 

The occasion was marked by the networking session, in which attendees were encouraged to engage in dialogue among themselves in order to create long lasting connections for future individual and collective projects.  

An attendee mentioned:

The anniversary encouraged networking by providing quality time for substantial exchange and conversations between and amongst guests of the event.

It has been 4 years and the impact has been tremendous!

This is Sysy House of Fame at 4!

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