SHF Launches Bamenda Film Club screening

Bamenda Film Club seeks to promote global learning through film screening and the art of film making. Launched on April 30th in Bamenda at Blue Pearl hotel, Draufsicht Global films were screened to the public. Draufsicht produces films based on the Sustainable Development Goals and are contributing local solutions to global issues. Among the films screened were:

“Bride Price” which looks at he culture of paying money before marrying a woman from the perspective of everyday man and woman,

“Meeting poor people in Germany” which is a journey of a young Cameroonian on the German streets

“Behold The Child”, a production that questions the concept of child labour from the perspective of International laws and the reality on ground in the West region of Cameroon.

This premier was followed by opened conversations on the themes and the productions. Conversations also led to recommendations from viewers and contributions from the audience. Conversations were based on SDG4, SDG5 and SDG1. Hosted by Njobati Sylvie, the audience applauded the initiative and are looking forward to the next session

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