SHF Intensifies Fight against GBV through Photography Exhibition

In the constant fight to end Gender-Based Violence, the numerous Health and Socio-political crisis that the country has been plunged into have made an already difficult task more complicated.

We joined our voices to amplify this life long campaign by humanising and visualising GBV through a social media photography campaign and a photo exhibition. 


Minister of Women’s Empowerment, Marie Therese Abena Ondoua glancing at pictures on exhibition at the Hotel de Ville, Yaounde

Photograpy Exhibition

On the opening day of the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence in Yaounde – Hotel de Ville, November 25, 2020, SHF team in partnership with UN Cameroon presented an eye catching photography exhibition that was a representation of the plight of the women and girls in contemporary time. The pictures were a tickle to the consciences of the viewers, as the stories told by them were spot on accurate, taking the over 1000 audiences into deep reflections

Impressed viewers taking snapshots of the pictures on display

This exhibition was a creative approach taken by SHF and the UN Cameroon to bring another narrative to efforts and advocacies against Gender-Based Violence. The key messages deployed by these photos are carefully coined to adequately represent the plight of women and the dangers of Gender-Based Violence. 

This advocacy photographs for the 16 days of GBV activism are now displayed at Unesco, Yaounde opened to the public. The Pictures will be on display for public viewing until December 20, 2020, 4 days after 16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence has ended. 

SHF’s exhibition pictures displayed at UNESCO Office in Yaounde

Social media campaign

In the wake of a digital revolution, the potentials of social media to convey messages to all the ends of the world is undebated. That is why we are using social media to empasize the strong need to end GBV The campaign reached it’s target of 200,000 people on social media on the 13th day of the campaign.

Find social media photos here and key messages

Online Exhibition

COVID-19 has not only changed our lives but has also emphasized the importance of digitalisation and with GBV being a global shadow pandemic exposed by C-19, we are reaching out to the world through an enhanced 3D online exhibition from 10.12.2020 to 7.01.2021.  

Governor of the Center Region, Naseri Paul Bea at SHF exhibition stands viewing through our pictures at Hotel de Ville, Yaounde

This campaign serves as a constant reminder to all stakeholders of their duty to ending GBV. It is a call to action on the victims, a call for restraint on the actors, and a reminder of responsibility on all other stakeholders.

Find link to 16 photos here

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