SHF completes shadow theatre tour for peace

After 8 months of hard work, creativity, and advocacy, the innovative shadow theatre play has ended the first tour that was proudly supported by the United Nations Cameroon.

This tour was an advocacy for the return of peace in the restive Anglophone regions. Real-life experience told by then victims and now survivors, Bound by the times is a theatre piece that has reached out to about 8000 in Bamenda, Buea, and Yaounde. The crowning performance was done at the Cameroon Cultural center for the International and diplomatic missions. This show witnessed the presence of different Ambassadors, directors of International organizations as well as different UN agencies.

“It has been an amazing moment for us as a group to see our works go this far. This is just the end of the 2019 tour, so we intend to continue using shadow theatre to communicate the change we want”. These are the words of the creator and director of the show as there is an assurance for the continuity of this show

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