The Companion reaches out to children in Bamenda III

Hit by the on-going armed conflict, these children have been away from school for more than 3 years now. Fearing for their lives, they are unable to go to school as the “No School” policy implemented by the militant fighters has seen most schools burnt down, children kidnapped and others even killed. Therefore SHF has it as its primary target to provide alternative education for these children who are most vulnerable.



In Bamenda III, children drew and painted their own idea of a friendly environment while others advocated for mitigation against climate change and environmental degradtion. They also wrote and read their own stories while sharing and learning from each other.



There were a series of Games played by the children with the project volunteers Jato Emmanuel and Kita Nadesh that boosted self confidence and problem solving skills in children. Over all, 64 children participated in this weekly program and are looking forwad to the next one.

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