Girls in Arts project reducing the gender gap in film making

Remember how you were told you can’t do certain things because they were for men? Well, Diane remembers vividly how she has been told severally that just like the cliche title “Cameraman”, Camera is meant only for men. I can only imagine how many women have heard this kind of stereotypes before. SHF is offering Hands-on Training to girls in arts on film making to enable them to break barriers built around them by Society. Diane is learning professional Camera operation, while lady heart is doing sound and Rachel Directing.

These girls learn the art of film making from story development to editing. Being mentored and trained by another female filmmaker Njobati Sylvie in story development and directing, they are also benefiting from Javla’swilfred’s expertise in Camera. This program of REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame is working¬† hand in glove Draufsicht Bamenda to support female filmmakers be at the technical desk, inspiring other women one story at a time.

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