Making the world a kinder place through partnerships for the goals

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” — Stacia Tauscher, dancer and artist.  These are deep and reflective words of an artist whose childhood was marred by series of unfortunate events but she transformed that darkness into art that today illuminates the world and dance, that today inspire the steps of change.

We religiously adhere to this, giving children a voice today and making them leaders today and not in an illusive future. Through our partnership with UN Cameroon and The Memory Project USA, we are amplifying our programme “The Companion” initially supported by Goethe Institute Kamerun by reaching out to thousands of children, making their voices heard. 

The Companion has been reaching to children deprived of education by the on-going armed conflict in Anglophone Cameroon. Under this program, children draw, paint, craft and write about the future they dream of, the world they want, happiness, love and peace among other themes. These activities help in developing social and cognitive skills of these kids as they pray for peace to return so that they can live their normal lives.

SHF’s partnership with The Memory Project is marked by two major exchange activities between kids in Cameroon with Kids in the United States of America. Through this partnership, children are given a  platform to express their desires and aspirations through drawing and paintings as well as poetry. At least 1000 works of art have been collected via this project from kids in Cameroon and sent to the USA whereby works of art painted by the kids will be recieved in Cameroon in 2021. 

Partnership for the goals is one sure way to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. We therefore appreciate all partners and volunteers working to create an enabling environment for children


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