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Administrative Finance Volunteer

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REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame (SHF) is an organization that promotes arts, culture and sports. In order to pursue its goals, it is seeking the services of a Finance and Administration Volunteer (FAV) to assist them in ensuring financial and administrative policies and standards. The FAV will be under the supervision of the chief executive officer. 

Job profile

The Finance and Administration Volunteer (FAV) will be responsible for finance management, accounts maintenance, budget control for coordinating logistics and day to day administrative support functions, which may include supervision and execution of administrative and accounting tasks of the organization. 

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Financial Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Accounting 

  • Lead account and administration department in the organization.
  • Prepare the cash journal and finance reports, bookkeeping and ledger posting. 
  • Collect, check, register and keep track of all order forms, incoming and outgoing invoices, Travel claims.
  • Make cash and bank reconciliation every month.
  • Prepare payroll of staff monthly by coordinating with the Project Manager. 
  • Conduct the internal audits of projects, monitoring the transaction of the requisition and cash flow.
  • Lead project audit done by donor as well as organizational audit annually.

B. Reporting and Documentation

  • Prepare monthly financial reports. 
  • Track activity, level budgets and call for financial monthly review meetings. 

C. Cash Flow /Fund management 

  • Maintain cost effectiveness and keep track of budget allocation as per activities. 
  • Complete daily financial transactions under the supervision of Project Manager.
  • Handle cash and treasury operations with advanced use of spreadsheets for tracking expenses and payroll system with tax applications, controls for ensuring proper transactions.

D. Compliance

  • Implement financial policies, procedures and directives of the organization.
  • Update/upgrade organizational policy on taxation, financial procedures, internal control mechanism etc.
  • Comply with the national accounting and financial policies and procedures.
  • Cross verify (compliance and relevancy) all financial transactions done by project staff.

2. Administrative duties and Responsibilities

A. General Administration

  • Provide administrative support to Project Office and colleagues as needed.
  • Manage water, electricity supply and telephone/internet lines.
  • Comply with safety of office supplies, materials, equipment and physical facilities.  
  • Facilitate induction and orientation of newly recruited staff by coordinating with the project Manager.
  • Maintain office premises to provide a good working environment.
  • Implement administrative policies and procedures.
  • Manage administrative functions and establish internal administrative systems and controls.
  • Maintain updated documentation, filing, folders and administrative data management in both hard copy and soft copy version.

B. Assets Management

  • Maintain office equipment, buildings, materials and properties. 
  • Keep records of the office supplies, materials and equipment.
  • Keep track of proper use, maintenance and repair of physical assets and office including vehicles, equipment, furniture, and office building as necessary. 

C. Coordination

  • Conduct meetings, prepare meeting minutes.
  • Coordinate administrative activities and maintain monthly and yearly timetable.
  • Support the recruitment process locally and keep the employee records by coordinating with the Human Resource department. 
  • Keep track/record of the training and workshops for staff.

D. Procurement Function

  • Engage in local procurement process as per procurement guidelines.

E. Inventory Management

  • Manage inventory and physically verify as per need.
  • Prepare the inventory report of furniture, goods and library of the project chronologically and submit to the supervisor.

Job Specification  

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, business studies or any other related field, with three years of experience in relevant fields.
  • Proven experience in administering project accounts.
  • Good computer skills including spreadsheets and databases.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Good knowledge of the English language along with writing and communication skills.

How to apply

Send an email to containing your CV and cover letter showing why you are the best candidate for the job and what value you bring to the organization.

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