COVID-19 : Fighting misinformation among children

Remember how we started the year, all excited about the possibilities new year throws at us? Then it didn’t last long – COVID-19 happened. The rapid spread of this pandemic generated a hysteria further exacerbated by the spread of false information, what is now refered to as infodemics by WHO. In the wake of the distress and misinformation, were (are) children who barely could filter fake information from good information.
SHF Team at CBC Menda Bamenda, on sensitization tour
With the potential of this  vulnerability jeorpadising efforts to curb this pandemic, SHF started a series of awareness campaigns that are aimed at providing the right information to help children make informed choices
These campaigns were tailored to meet the needs of these kids – interractive talks, drawings, cartoon videos, animated stories and quizzes.

Through this campaign, the SHF team has reached out to more than 10,000 children in schools in the Northwest region and continues with a more holistic approach – training teachers on how to handle COVID-19 discussions without stirring panic and prejudice. The awareness campaigns carried out by SHF fall in line with guidelines from local government, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation.

SHF guarding Students of PCHS Bamenda against Misinformation about Covid-19

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