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About REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame

REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame is an organisation that contributes to Sustainable Development by harnessing the potential of Arts, Culture, and Technology. We are a people-centred organisation that believes in using innovative and creative approaches to global issues. We support people to be at the centre of change while building a prosperous and peaceful world. We inspire people to dare to create the change they want. To do this, we use different forms of artistic expression to enhance the 16 Sustainable Development Goals, thus promoting various forms of Artistic expression, training, and Development becomes a key part of our work.

For the past 4 years, we have been able to create footprints in the Arts and Culture industry and also in the development sector. We have registered remarkable success and have created a strong partnership with both local and international organisations. We are looking to improve our programmes development, management and reporting.

Job Profile

The assistant researcher and writer is responsible for conducting research, analysing data, and preparing reports for the  organisation. They will work closely with our researchers and communications department to gain knowledge and insights into the organisation’s field of focus, and will support the development of research publications and other written materials. This role requires strong analytical, research, and writing skills, as well as the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines concurrently.

Job Summary 

As an assistant researcher and writer at REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame, your primary responsibility would be to assist our research team with conducting studies, analysing data, and documenting research findings. Your duties would also include collecting and organising research data and literature, contributing to writing research reports, and assisting in the preparation of grant proposals,writing  website articles and blog posts. Additionally, you would participate in fieldwork and data analysis tasks and support the team in carrying out any other research-related activities. You should have excellent organisational and communication skills, the ability to work independently, and a keen eye for detail. 

Duties and Responsibilities


  •  Conducting research on various topics relevant to our mission and goals.
  •  Create written content such as articles, blogs, newsletters, reports, and press releases, etc. to promote REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame’s work.
  • Collecting and analysing data related to REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame’s operations and programs.
  • Document REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame’s achievements, success stories, and beneficiaries’ stories in a creative and engaging manner.
  •  Developing research proposals, protocols, and methodologies, and ensuring they comply with ethical standards.
  • Conduct interviews with beneficiaries, donors, and other stakeholders to gather their experiences and thoughts, which can be turned into compelling stories.
  •  Assisting in the preparation of reports, presentations, and publications.
  • Networking with other researchers and stakeholders in the field.
  • Assisting in project management and evaluation.
  • Maintaining a database of research and publications relevant to Sysy house of Fame’s work.
  • Communicating research findings and recommendations to stakeholders, including policymakers, NGOs, and community groups.


Research support: You would assist the organization’s researchers in conducting literature reviews, gathering data, analyzing information, and synthesizing findings. This could involve using various research methods, such as conducting surveys, interviews, or data analysis.

Report and proposal writing: You would contribute to the development of research reports, proposals, and other documents. This would involve compiling and organising research data, drafting sections of the reports, and ensuring the information is accurate, coherent, and well-presented.

 Content creation: You would be involved in producing written content for various purposes, such as website articles, blog posts, newsletters, and social media updates. This may include writing about the organisation’s initiatives, success stories, impact, and relevant issues in line with REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame’s mission.

Editing and proofreading: You would review and revise written materials to ensure they adhere to the organisation’s style and tone, as well as correct any grammatical, spelling, or factual errors. This could involve collaborating with the communications officer for REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame to refine the content before publication.

 Knowledge management: You would  be responsible for organising and maintaining a repository of research materials, reports, and other relevant resources. This ensures easy access to information and facilitates knowledge sharing within the organisation.

 Collaborative work: As part of the research team, you would collaborate with colleagues, volunteers, and partner organisations to exchange ideas, share information, and contribute to joint research efforts. This could involve participating in meetings, workshops, conferences which might be out of your town of residence.

 Stay informed: It is essential to stay updated on relevant topics, research trends, and emerging issues in REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame’s field of work. This allows you to provide accurate and up-to-date information in your research and writing.


 Education: A Master’s degree in Communications, Research Analysis or any relevant field 

At least 4+ years experience in Research, Data analysis, Communication field or any related field 


Research skills: Proficiency in quantitative and qualitative research methods, data analysis, and report writing.

 Writing skills: Strong technical writing skills, with experience in writing research reports, website articles,blog posts, press releases,  and other communication materials.

 Communication skills: Effective communication skills, including the ability to present research findings and ideas to a wide range of audiences.

 Computer skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and data analysis software 

Knowledge of the Organisation: Familiarity with the mission, vision, and values of REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame as well as the specific areas of our work.

 Teamwork skills: Ability to work collaboratively with others as part of a team, including cross-functional team members.

 Deadline-oriented: Ability to work under tight deadlines and prioritise tasks accordingly.

 Adaptability and Availability: Flexibility to travel and  adapt to changing priorities, meet the needs of different stakeholders, and work in ever-changing environments.

 Language proficiency: Fluency in one or more languages.

How to Apply 

Send your CV and portfolio to info@sysyhouseoffame.org.

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