REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame; A third of a Decade and Counting

The world can only be more convivial if everyone is given the chance to freely voice their opinions on issues plaguing the society and if everyone becomes an active part of the solution. In a quest to create a better world, Sysy House of Fame (SHF) through art, culture and sport was created four years ago in the month of February.

For the last third of a decade, Sysy House of Fame has been asking the questions: How do we foster peace and sustainable development in our local communities? How do we promote identity, creativity and originality? How do we leverage the potential of art, culture and sports to take on a holistic approach towards improving livelihoods? 

The milestones have been numerous and are worth celebrating and that’s why on the 22nd of February, we immortalise these memories as wecommemorate SHF’s 4 years of existence, while rejoicing as we anticipate more achievements for the future.

The organisation has since then been at the epicentre of some major Global acts and events as in the case of the restitution campaign #BringBackNgonsso. 

Her projects ranging from #EducateHerNow – a scholarship programme, to #Indigenous games – a sports programme for the revival of traditional sports in Cameroon such as tabala, sizoh, dodging, to #GirlsInArts – a creative group of dynamic young ladies brought together for change, to Film festivals and so much more.

Through the assistance of generous, passionate and empathetic individuals and institutions, Sysy House of Fame has been able to operate effectively over the years.

Operating in the context of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, where the socio political situation is unstable, she provides formal and skill education to teenage mothers and young girls in the restive North West region. The move which has gone a long way to contribute to the  promotion of gender equality, reintegration of teenage mothers back to school and reduction of the rate of illiteracy among Cameroonian girls. 

Operating in a country where the representation of women in technical roles is less than 5%, SHF has been training girls and women in script writing, producing and directing. Last April 2022, SHF reached out to over 500 children between the ages of 14 and 18 years during the Sustainable Development Goals film festival in Bamenda which saw the projection of Six documentary films. 

SHF has brought to lamplight the creative works of some women in the fashion sector and empowered more women in the film industry to take on more technical roles, breaking gender biases.

The association hit a milestone when it spearheaded the visit of Fon Sem Binglo II of Nso to Berlin in Germany as part of activities to accelerate the restitution of Ngonnso, the looted queen mother of the Nso Community which is being displayed at the Linden Museum in Germany.  Its restitution activities have served as an inspiration to other communities and Africa as a whole;  to seek the  return of their looted cultural property which are scattered in institutions across the world. 

As SHF looks forward to creating and seeking innovative solutions to global issues for global growth within local communities, the dynamic team fervently devote their efforts to change the status quo. 

SHF since its creation has been able to engage an online community through an assiduous online presence in which she strives to share best practices.

Sysy House of Fame and her team is gradually becoming a household name in Cameroon in the domains of Arts, Culture and Sports as they strive to make a meaningful difference and leave a positive impact in the lives of people.

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