SHF/UN Cameroon Social Media Campaign against GBV

Day 1) 1 in every 3 women worldwide have experienced Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Some of the most common forms of GBV are sexual harassment, physical assaults, verbal, emotional, and economic abuse, amongst others.

Day 2) 31% of girls in Cameroon are married before their 18th Birthday. These forceful marriages have had severe consequences on these girls, such as denied education and premature pregnancies, leading to high maternal and infant mortality.

Day 3) Did you know that according to some studies, only one percent of the women that have experienced sexual violence have sought professional help? Sexual violence against women is a crime. Let us all #SayNO to rape and gender-based violence!

Day 4) The majority of rape cases worldwide go unreported. In most cases, the abused women fail to #speakup because they hold some relations with theirabusers. They also fear because their abusers wield positions of power and may persecute them.

Day 5) Since the COVID19 pandemic outbreak, all types of violence against women, particularly domestic violence, have intensified. As a result, domestic abuse shelters and helplines worldwide have reached their capacity. Let’s stand united against GBV; every1 has a role to play.

Day 6) #WomenOfWar #DYK that Women and Girls bear the brunt of many of the harmful effects of conflict? Women & Children make up around 75% of those displaced by conflict, while the maternal mortality rate is 2.5 times higher on average in conflict & post-conflict countries.

Day 7) Did you know that worldwide, 132 million girls are out of school? The right to education is crucial for girls if they are to enjoy the full spectre of human rights. Gender equality in education benefits every child.

Day 8) Breast ironing remains a challenge in the fight against #GBV. #Girls as young as 10 years old, have their breasts suppressed from growing through a cruel hot stone compression. According to medical experts, this might contribute to breast cancer, cyst & depression.

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Day 9) #16Days In some cultures, #women are subjected to domestic humiliation when they become widows. They stand the risk of losing their inheritance rights, being evicted from their homes, forced into unwanted marriages, or faced with traumatizing widowhood rituals. #StopWidowAbuse

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Day 10) #16Days Some girls are sexually harassed in school. School-related gender-based violence can have life- changing consequences ranging from low self-esteem and depression to early and unintended pregnancies. #StopSexualViolence #OrangetheWorld

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Day 11) #16Days Did you know that there are an estimated 11.5 million migrant domestic workers worldwide & that around 8.5 million are #women? Some are faced with exploitative working conditions, lack access to fundamental rights & are exposed to sexual & gender-based violence. #OrangeTheWorld

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Day 12) “The Culture of Bride price,” day 12 of our photo exhibition, #UN75 Through the Eyes of a Woman. Produced in cooperation with REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame it captures 16 real-life stories faced by girls & women worldwide. Let’s take a stand for women’s rights! #GenerationEquality

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Day 13) Intimate partner violence has eaten itself into many relationships. Women tend to suffer abuse in silence without reporting it, with less than 40% seeking help of any sort. Do your part, take global action to end all forms of violence against women and girls! #StopGBV

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Day 14) “For years, I lived in an abusive relationship until my family convinced me to leave. Yes, it’s been hard, but I still have faith in a society where women’s rights are fully respected,” Flora explained. Don’t be a bystander; become a #GlobalChampion fighting gender based violence.

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Day 15) GBV will only cease when we all will put efforts together to fight it. women have been silently suffering continuously in silence and they need help stamp out GBV.  Let us all take a stand and fight for women’s right. #GenerationalEquality.

Day 16) GBV victims need to speak out and seek help. The first phase of averting all forms of GBV begins when the victims of the crime open up to competent authority about their ordeal. Concealing a GBV act is nurturing future acts. #StopGBV, #GenerationalEquality

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