Report on Legal Workshop

As the conversation on restitution evolves very rapidly with several successes recorded, there is still lack of in depth approaches and frameworks that support Cameroon and Africa as a whole in the journey to get back the irreplaceable pieces of their history, culture, heritage, own their identity, build a relationship with their history and get justice for the inhuman colonial practices.

Cultural rights, cultural politics, illicit appropriation and restitution is highly debated today, yet facing high resistance from politicians, museums, anti restitution movements among others. This can partly be attributed to the fact that dealing with restitution is exposing the malignant and shameful colonial era that colonizing countries refuse to condemn. As a result, restitution comes with juridical implications.

There is therefore a critical need for communities seeking restitution to be supported with the relevant legal instruments that are crucial for restitution work such as activism, lobbying, influencing, and also for post restitution negotiations

It is against this backdrop that Sysy House of Fame with funding from Open Society Foundations organized a two day workshop with 13 legal experts in Cameroon Mansel Hotel Yaounde, to brainstorm on legal frameworks that support communities seeking restitution in Africa.

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