The Fon of Nso set to visit Germany to amplify the campaign for the return of Ngonnso

The Fon of Nso shall be making a symbolic visit to Germany from the 12th to the 18th of November 2022. His Royal Highness the Fon of Nso and the Queen Mother alongside their loyal royal caregiver shall be accompanied by an entourage comprising staff of Sysy House of Fame, the palace archivist, the Spokesperson/Translator of the Fon and a renowned Professor emeritus who is a native of Nso with extensive research on German colonial encounters in Cameroon and Nso to be specific.


As anxiety builds up towards this visit, the Founder of Sysy House of Fame – Sylvie Njobati is overwhelmed with emotions as this is anticipated to be one of the bittersweet encounters. Sylvie led the campaign that brought about the official statement and agreement of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation to ensure restitution of Ngonnso – the cultural statue of the Nso people; symbol of peace and hope.

In her words;

What started off as a cry for identity has grown into something far more than I would have ever imagined. I can not help but be proud and happy and grateful for the journey thus far. I am however saddened by the fact that this is only the return of a teardrop from the ocean of tears my ancestors cried. We have been deprived for so long of the touch, love and care of our mother and that she shall be once again reunited with us, is HOPE.


Ngonnso is set to return home but there are more than 100 objects from Nso in Germany collected in colonial context  that need to be home. These elements that exist in complementary function with Ngonnso and other symbolic community objects are trapped in the hollow of museums in Germany for the Amusement of the European communities and tourists and at its worst, some  have been locked in cellars since their arrival in the early 18th century. The elements (such as the Ntara, cava, etc) were looted alongside Ngonnso and so the people of Nso would expect that they be returned together so they can go back to performing their intended duties in the Nso community.

The royal visit is expected to be an official acknowledgement of the efforts so far of both parties (Nso/Cameroon and Museums/Germany) and shall entail;

  • a visit to Ngonnso at Humboldt Forum upon arrival
  • a short exchange with Nso people at the Humboldt forum.
  • Replacement of the space occupied by Ngonnso with befitting text  on the struggle to get her back
  • discussions on collaboration centered around other objects from Nso left with SPK.
  • discussions on the next steps for the return of Ngonnso
    a visit to the Linden Museum to see objects
  • a  meeting with the Minister of Science, Research and Arts to discuss further on the objects.

During the visit, the Fon is expected to make the first traditional contact with the emblem of divinity – Ngonnso and pave the way spiritually for the return of the royal elements.

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