Girls in Arts gets trained on Story Telling and Directing

The sysy House of Fame has as it’s mandate to empower women to reach their full potentials. With our focus on Arts and Culture, we are supporting young girls in the fields of Arts to earn storytelling skills. Storytelling is a powerful way of communicating the change we want.

During an ideation session organised by SHF, Girls in the fields of arts joined their heads to decry the marginalization they face among their male peers and the promotion of stereotypes that inhibits their ability to reach their full potential.

Top on their list was the fact that they are not given chances during different productions to do technical jobs because they are considered for men and the woman not capable. Diane, passionate about Camera operation recounts her ordeal on set when she for the first time asked to see how the Camera functions.

“Don’t you hear the function is called Cameraman and not Camerawoman because you are too week to move around carrying heavy tripods and lenses”

The disappointment on her face said it all. She had to start considering acting and would sometimes be made to depict a woman in a way she doesn’t find responsible.

This self run group Girls in Arts is receiving the mentorship and support of REGARTLESS formerly known as Sysy House of Fame. SHF is creating production opportunities where the main focus is hands on training and a great place to start is with developing skills to help these girls tell powerful inspirational stories

The storytelling session focused on building complex female characters in an apparent men dominated story. It also focused on developing visual elements, the creative process and ensuring authenticity.

The weekly training continues with the next session being on hands on training

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