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Watch some of the TV reports that cover our activities, events and campaigns. These reports showcase our work in action and highlight the voices and stories of the people and communities we serve.

Sylvie Njbati and the Restitution Project

The first episode of Poise in 5 features Sylvie Njobati, a renowned activist and the Founder of Sysy House of Fame. Sylvie talks about how cultural diversity can influence people’s lives and views, even within the same country. She also reveals her work with restitution, a movement that aims to deliver justice and dignity to the victims of colonialism and oppression in Cameroon and beyond. Check out the link below to listen to her inspiring story and learn more about her amazing projects.

Where we are on the Restitution of Ngonnso

Many people have lost touch with the essence of Ngonnso over the years. Through theatre, they are reuniting with the value of Ngonnso, where they explore their identities and histories in a creative and empowering way. Click on the watch now icon below to watch the interview between Cameroon radio and television CRTV and Sylvie Njobati 

The Time is Now!

German colonial rulers not only stole art in Africa, but also people and human remains. In Cameroon Ngonnso was looted from the Nso people but since the decision to return her she has still not yet been returned. The bigger question is can past injustices be righted with returns? This and more in this coverage by ZDF.

Germany to return sacred objects looted from Cameroon

A number of German museums have agreed to return sacred objects looted from Cameroon during German colonial rule. But indigenous communities say the process is stalling. Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Restitution in the Crosshair of World Politics

When, if not now? This is the question that plagues Africans and also among the Sámi in the far north of Finland. Colonial looted art can finally return. But many problems are only just beginning. This impactful coverage of African perspective about their cultural heritage is a must watch. 

Restitution as an end or starting point: What happens after the return?

Return of ancestors and restitution of stolen cultural property are important steps towards coming to terms with colonial injustices. But restitution should not be the end point of the entangled history of survivor and descendants of perpetrators, but should enable the transition to a new relational ethic. What needs to happen for politics, museums and the public in Europe to move in this direction? What expectations do the communities of origin and  their governments have of the former colonial powers for the time after restitution? And how can future-oriented cooperation grow out of such processes? 

Sylvie Njobati makes cover page of Woman Of The Month Magazine

Sylvie Vernyuy Njobati is recognised by the Woman Of The Month (WOTM )Magazine for her unwavering commitment to restoring cultural heritage and undoing the wrongs of the colonial era. Her exceptional deeds serve as an inspiration to many, to stand up for what is right and just, and to work towards a more equitable and just world. Watch here.  

Sylvie Njobati on a quest to reconnect with her Cameroonian roots

Sylvie Vernyuy Njobati wanted to reconnect with her Cameroonian roots. She set off on an unexpected journey and reclaimed a sacred statue taken by the Germans some 120 years earlier.
Listen to her story on #TheComb

The Fon of Nso makes a symbolic visit to Germany to meet with Ngonnso and other Nso Royal Elements.

The Fon of Nso in Cameroon and his entourage visit the Ngonnso, a statue that carries great spiritual and cultural symbolism to his people. In his 7 day visit, he not only visited the Ngonnso but performed traditional rituals to reconnect the goddess to her people, as she was taken by Germany over 120years ago. RBB24 reports on this historic visit.

Cameroonian pushes for restitution of deity from Germany

“The quest that began with the need of bring back Ngonnso will now advance to a quest to take back all the heritage that belongs to the African continent,” said Sylvie Njobati, Cameroon-born activist. “My intention is to rally young people, historians, researchers in a bid to have what is rightfully ours brought back. This is our heritage. Let the artifacts be brought back to us.”

Germany to return looted artifacts to Africa

“Bring Back Ngonnso,” a civil society initiative, has been campaigning for the statue’s return for years, as the Nso people say they have suffered misfortunes since the statue was stolen.

“The Ngonnso’ has a central role for the Nso, as she is considered a mother deity,” the foundation said in a statement.

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