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Our dear friend Constance, who played Queen Emily in The German King short film, had a chance last week to go to an event about Cameroonian oppression during the colonial era. The producer, Sylvie, has been working for years to get Cameroonian artifacts back from their colonizers. Here were some of her words


Like other African countries grappling with their colonial past, Cameroon is struggling with its mission to retrieve important cultural artifacts stolen by Germany over 100 years ago. “Shambles of Haunted Africa,” a play written and directed by Tafor Ateh, explores this topic.


What a rare privilege to see a show as powerful as “Shambles of Haunted Africa.” I learned so much about the extent of colonial oppression and it’s far reaching consequences- particularly the deliberate disconnection from our sacred cultural artifacts as a result of colonial looting. It was a history lesson for the ages.

Nso's Fon on the Trail of Ngonnso in Berlin

On Saturday 12th November 2022, the Humboldt Museum in Berlin was the scene of an unforgettable event for the People of Nso in Cameroon. It was a historic meeting between the goddess Ngonnso and the Fon of Nso, who made the important journey for this occassion and to further conversations on the return of Nso royal objects, looted in colonial era.

What we will do after return of some Benin Bronzes – Parzinger, Head of Musuem

“The Ngonnso figure will be returned to Cameroon, because this deity is of great significance to the identity of the society that it came from,” he said.


Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz needs to return all colonial loot to people of Nso presently displayed at Humboldt Forum


Restitution of #BeninBronzes is great success of German (cultural) diplomacy. BUT: What happens to “artefacts” from former German colonies?


International attention needed: Almost 4 years after path-breaking “Framework Principles”, Germany disappoints hope of communities of origin for proactive, speedy steps on restitution of colonial loot.


The University of Mainz wants to return “objects” to the people of Nso


Thanks to Sylvie Njobati, efforts via @Ngonnso, the #BringBackNgonnso campaign led to a decision to return Ngonnso.


Did you Know? Ngonnso edition


Very moving video of Fon of Nso meeting Ngonnso at the Humboldt Forum.


Story of how Ngonnso was stolen to Germany


Nice article in Art-Magazine about @ngonnso @sylvienjobati


Art Minister Blume calls for national restitution law including colonial loot.


Human Rights Film Festival Berlin – “Restitution? Africa’s Fight for Its Art”. With introductory video by Sylvie Njobati


DAAD_Germany magazine with focus on remembrance for Germany’s colonialism with Ngonnso on title page.


New episode ‘Akte Looted Art’ on the Humboldt Forum and the Ngonnso statue from Cameroon


“In Germany it is a physical object. But to us as a people, it’s an identity” – Sylvie Njobati in latest episode of #ArdKultur podcast


“We’ll NEVER GIVE UP until you – Ngonnso – find peace.”





I took this photo at a demo against the opening of the ethnological collections/ Humboldt Forum.

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