The event was commemorated at the SYSY HOUSE OF FAME (SHF) Head Office in Yaoundé on Wednesday, 22nd February 2023. The 4th Anniversary event witnessed the presence of representatives of some major partners of the organization such as MINAC, MINREX, OPEN DREAMS and other individual partners who have continuously promoted and supported the vision of the organization. The celebration of the 4th anniversary event organized and facilitated by the SHF team, served as an opportunity for SHF to share with her partners, invited guests and well-wishers on the works they have done so far since its creation in 2017 and also on their ongoing projects as well as plans and strategies for the future.

The event was marred with a gallery exhibition (led by Sylvie Njobita, the founder of SHF) of the project activities carried out by SHF since its creation in 2017 (projects such as the Restitution Project and others) and series of Musical and Spoken Word presentations from talented young people who were in attendance for the event.  

A key item during the celebration of the SHF’s 4th Anniversary was the cutting of the cake. This item in the agenda of the event was ceremoniously done and signified the exposure and growth of SHF to the world and also signified the bonds created through the workings and activities of SYSY House of Fame over the last four years within the regions of Cameroon affected by the ongoing Anglophone Crisis. It also signified the culture of living together and peaceful co-existence of different cultures in Cameroon, which is an important aspect of the work we do at SHF.



 In attendance for the 4th Anniversary celebration, we recorded a total number of 46 guests who attended the event (21 females and 25 males). This is represented in the graph below:- 


Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: Graphical Representation of Gender Disaggregation of attendees of the SHF 4th Anniversary Celebration


Comments and Remarks Shared

During the event of the SHF 4th Anniversary, we were able to gather  the following remarks  from participants of the event; 

“This is unlike anything I have seen before. For a small organization the event organization and everything literally blew my mind away and was way above my expectations. This will be a good way for SHF to show the good work she’s been doing to the world” 

Representative of MINAC

“SHF’s 4th birthday was a wonderful opportunity for people to network and get to know themselves, the work they do and just have a good time in general” 

Representative of MINREX

The anniversary encouraged networking by providing quality time for substantial exchange and conversations between and amongst guests of the event” 

An attendee of the event

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