Alternative Education in armed conflict: Arts and Culture Education

SHF Alternative Education in the NWR of Cameroon

Living together and Peace as seen through the eyes of a child


Arts is an uncompromised form of expression. Children have a way of expressing that unique and often uncompromised. In an SDG Tour with children in the North West Region of Cameroon -Bamenda, the children who have been deprived from education for 3 years because an armed conflict, expressed their need for Peace to return so that they can go to school. They expressed Peace and the concept of living together after a talk on the SDGs with special emphasis on #SDG5 and 16.

Their artistic illustration expressed their understanding of what Peace and living together is. Facilitated by Ngoasong Agendia -Story telling on Peace and drawing, Jato Emmanuel – Exercises on Gender and Njjobati Sylvie on the SDGs, These children were able to place SDG4 at the top of their priority.

This Program was done with the Social Service program of the Pedagogic In-serive Training Program that has been providing Education for Sustainable Development in local community spaces.

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